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The choice of making visit to our Homepage is solely your desirable decision. Any sort of dispute over matter of privacy is solely subject to this pre-informed notice and all our conditions and terms of use. This natively includes limitations on small and big damages, ambiguous arbitration of disputes, and even the applicable law of ruling state. If the prospective client has any issues related to the Privacy Policy, they should directly approach/ contact us at their best possible convenience. LogicsApp customer services shall be more than happy to diligently serve the clients. As all our Policies are prone to change with respect to any condition any time, it is primarily recommended that the prospective client go through the entire policy each time they think of entering the site to purchase. The company also accumulates navigational information related to where visitors land on our website and entire range of information about diversified technical efficiencies of LogicsApp website as well as services (i.e. time required to connect and vice versa the time to download pages). This very information allows us to visualise which particular areas of LogicsApp's Website are most frequently visited which immensely helps us to in- depth understand our clients much more better than before. This also greatly helps us improve the entire quality of all those sites which are severely lacking in some peculiar way or the other. Unless noted otherwise, all related materials, including all images, variety of illustrations, appealing designs, creative icons, appealing photographs, written and even other materials that are great part of this entire WebSite (collectively, referred as the "Contents") are prospective copyrights, trademarks, Corresponding trade dress and/or other peculiar intellectual property owned, licensed or controlled by the LogicsApp Company. This Site and even all its Contents are purposely intended solely for the sake of personal and safe non-commercial use.


All types of comments, feedbacks, suggestions, posted ideas, and other numerous submissions disclosed, submitted or even offered to LogicsApp on or by this very Site or otherwise disclosed, further submitted or offered in intact connection with your use of this LogicsApp Site (collectively, the "Comments") shall remain focused with the LogicsApp's property. LogicsApp is and shall be under no sort of obligation:

(1) To maintain / secure any Comments in confidence;
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(3) To respond back to any user Comments.
LogicsApp can also use the testimonials as well as the logos of the clients purposefully on its other web and even offline properties.

Electronic Communications:

The moment any client visits our LogicsApp site or even sends some e-mails to all our contacts, the client is very well communicating with all aspects of LogicsApp electronically. It's involuntary even for the client to fundamentally receive our communications by means of electronic channel. LogicsApp will directly communicate with the client either by e-mail or by means of posting notices on this site. In this way the client fully agrees that all sort of agreements, essential notices, disclosures and even relevant communication fully satisfy and satisfactorily fulfil all legal requirements and are fully equivalent to any of the legal statement in writing.

LogicsApp Copyright/Trademarks:

All essential content that is potentially included on this LogicsApp site, such as particular text, essential graphics, company logos, actionable button icons, relevant images, digital downloads, essential data compilations, and even software, is the very own property of LogicsApp company or its entire content suppliers and well protected by U.S. and applied international copyright laws. The entire compilation of all relevant content at this site is actually the exclusive property of this LogicsApp company and significantly protected by U.S. as well as international copyright laws. The whole software used at this particular site is the sole property of this LogicsApp company or its all software suppliers and well protected by U.S. as well as international copyright laws. The LogicsApp trademark names used entirely within our sites are the sole property of their own respective company or its all subsidiaries and can not be even used in connection with any of the product or any of the service that is not part of that particular company.

Refund Policy

Logicsapp.com very well ensures 100% customer satisfaction with our entire Revision Policy which positively enables you to improve and grow on your initial design with brief free of charge all In case of any kind of dissatisfaction from any of the services provided by us I.e. logicsapp.com, you can even submit a spontaneous refund request just within five days of your overall initial designs completion. However, it shall be positively assumed between both corresponding parties that you are well satisfied with your initial designs if any time a refund request is not received back within five days of the very initial designs delivery. Your refund would be processed as per the chart below:
All types of refund requests will be duly fulfilled as per the following fixed arrangement:
* If request made for refund is issued before the placement of order delivery, you would be positively eligible for Full Refund (which will be less 10% service & the processing fee)
*If request for a particular refund is made specifically within 48 hours, you would be strongly eligible for a flat 50% refund (inclusive less 10% service as well as processing fee).
* If request for a particular refund is made right between 48- 120 hours of the very initial design delivery, then you would be eligible for flat 25% refund (inclusive of less 10% service as well as processing fee).
* No type of refund request will be ever entertained notably after 120 hours, as we positively believe utterly in 100% customer satisfaction. In this regard you are encouraged to contact us any time in case of any apprehension. All types of refund requests should be positively communicated straight to the support department.

Service Delivery Policy:

* All the files are well delivered as per the committed date specified on the committed time. An alert e-mail is being sent to you so as to inform the particular client about their specified service delivery. All types of policies pertaining to that of revision as well as refund are subject to specified date as well as time of order which is or to be delivered.
* We deliver all of our customised orders majorly via e-mail within the pre-decided point of time of the project signup.